I am a socio-legal researcher (PhD. Sociology, 2015, University of Helsinki; MSc. Cultural Anthropology and Sociology of Non-Western Societies, 2007, University of Amsterdam) working on law under authoritarianism, strategic litigation at international courts, and environmental protection during armed conflict. I am currently working as a University Researcher at the Erik Castrén Institute for International Law and Human Rights, University of Helsinki, Finland.

I am the Principal Investigator of the research group “Toxic Crimes” (funded by the Kone Foundation and Academy of Finland). In our research group, we explore how legal experts push for accountability for the destruction of the environment during armed conflict.

Previously, I had positions at the Liu Institute for Global Issues, University of British Columbia, Canada, and the Aleksanteri Institute for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Helsinki, Finland. In 2017, I completed a visiting fellowship at the Danish National Research Foundation’s Centre of Excellence for International Courts “iCourts”.